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(日本語) GW特別ツアー、好評のため、3日(木)のご予約締め切りました!

Posted: Saturday April 28th, 2012 Category:

GWの特別企画のブルーワリーツアーですが、おかげさまでたくさんのお客様からご予約をいただきました!!ありがとうございます。 3日(木)はすでに定員に達しましたので、締め切らせていただきました。まだ5日(土)はまだ少し空きがありますので、ご検討中の皆様、どうぞお急ぎください!

Golden Week Tours

Posted: Saturday April 28th, 2012 Category:

Brimmer Brewing will have tours open to the public during Golden Week.  Contact us at or call us for more details.


Posted: Tuesday April 3rd, 2012 Category:

Our Porter has been kegged and is tasting delicious! We are expecting the remaining kegs to sell very fast, so make sure to contact us for a quote and order before it all goes! Don’t forget, we will have our Porter available this Sunday at Nippon Craft Beer Festival (Akiba Square, Akihabara)! We hope to see you there!

First Brew – Pale Ale!

Posted: Friday March 23rd, 2012 Category:

After a lengthy application process with the Tax office, we finally received our license for beer brewing in late February. It was decided in advance that the first brew had to be Pale Ale! Pale Ale has become an absolute must for most Ale breweries, so it seemed the obvious choice for our maiden voyage. Although we already had our license, there was still a little engineering work to be done so that the brewery was in perfect working order. Also there a lot of thinking to be done about how we would tackle the first brew with achieving the highest quality possible. We decided on Wednesday 7th of March […]

First Brew

Posted: Monday March 12th, 2012 Category:

Our first brew was a challenging 17 hour day.  Thanks to dedicated brewers we were able to overcome all of the challenges we faced to make what will be a great beer for our launch.  Also a great thanks to Yokohama Brewery for the use of their mill as ours is in transit.  BET, Laff international, Solid Japan, Method IT, supportive family and and friends have helped Brimmer Brewing transition from a dream to reality.  We are looking forward to enjoying our product hopefully as much as you are.  Expect about 3 weeks until sales start.  And make sure to keep a look out on facebook and our website for […]