Brimmer Brewing Tasting Room will be open in Minami-Aoyama!

Posted: Sunday July 15th, 2012 Category:

Breaking News!  Brimmer Brewing will soon open a tasting room in Aoyama, Just a 3 minute walk away from Omotesando Station.  Construction was started early this week and should be ready to go soon.  We will offer all of our beers at great prices in glasses or a sampler set and bottles to go.  The setting is modest but we have a standing bar room and an outside patio area with views of Tokyo Tower and right on Aoyama Dori.  Stay tuned for updates.

English Bitter

Posted: Friday June 22nd, 2012 Category:

Bitter is a traditional British beer which varies hugely in character and depth. The beers held under the style of Bitter can range from pale golden to a deep chestnut brown in colour. Also alcohol content of Bitter, can range from around 3-7% ABV. Ever since I came to Japan I realised that something was missing in the great craft beer scene we have here. Though we can find many great import beers from America, Germany, Belgium or The Czech Republic etc. as well as the many  other styles of great beers from the brewers of Japan – a true to style range of good English bitter is extremely hard […]