Nippon Craftbeer Festival

Posted: Friday March 16th, 2012 Category:

We will participate in this Nippon Craftbeer Festival! This is the first festival we are ablel launch our beer at. If you want to try our beer, please check out their website. We will be one of more than 50 breweries participaing in this event. Enjoy!

First Brew

Posted: Monday March 12th, 2012 Category:

Our first brew was a challenging 17 hour day.  Thanks to dedicated brewers we were able to overcome all of the challenges we faced to make what will be a great beer for our launch.  Also a great thanks to Yokohama Brewery for the use of their mill as ours is in transit.  BET, Laff international, Solid Japan, Method IT, supportive family and and friends have helped Brimmer Brewing transition from a dream to reality.  We are looking forward to enjoying our product hopefully as much as you are.  Expect about 3 weeks until sales start.  And make sure to keep a look out on facebook and our website for […]


Posted: Monday February 13th, 2012 Category:

ブリマーブルーイングのウェブサイトがついにリニューアルされました!今までのサイトには掲載されていなかった情報など盛りだくさんの内容になっていますので、チェックしてみてください。 醸造開始もあともう一息というところまで来ていますので、みなさまに良いお知らせができるよう、日々頑張っています!どうぞお楽しみに!